ZZZ CPAP Cleaner (includes bag, filter & charging plug)

ZZZ Cleaner
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The ZZZ Cleaner uses Activated Oxygen to eliminate any bacteria, mold, or viruses it comes in contact with.  The ZZZ Cleaner has a 99.9% disinfectant rate with just 25 minutes of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ozone/activated oxygen really safe?

Activated oxygen occurs in nature and it is produced and used commercially in applications for sanitizing produce, waste and drinking water. ZZZ Cleaner is designed to keep the activated oxygen enclosed with your CPAP equipment in the airtight bag, and, when the sanitizing process is complete, the ozone turns back into regular oxygen when it comes in contact with air.


Can I use the ZZZ Cleaner to sanitize anything other than my CPAP equipment?

Only the CPAP mask with the head gear, tubing, and water chamber should be placed into the airtight bag with the ZZZ Cleaner.


Will the ZZZ Cleaner work with my CPAP machine?

The ZZZ Cleaner will work with all CPAP machines. Just plug your tubing into the filter and let the cleaner do it's work. 


Will the ZZZ Cleaner work with my CPAP mask?

The ZZZ Cleaner will clean any mask that will fit inside the airtight bag.


Are there supplies that have to be changed with the ZZZ Cleaner?

Yes, every six months of normal use, the carbon filter needs to be changed. The airtight bag should be replaced if it is no longer airtight.


How often should I use the ZZZ Cleaner?

The ZZZ Cleaner should be used every day on your mask, tubing and water chamber (which should be empty and dry). This will cut down on the risk of sinus infections by the CPAP user. The ZZZ Cleaner will disinfect any bacteria or virus the activated oxygen comes in contact with. It will not remove skin oils from the mask or cushion. You may wish to use a soft cloth to remove this manually before using the ZZZ Cleaner. Some CPAP manufacturers recommend not cleaning their CPAP's with an ozone cleaner, as it may void their warranty.