Splash Bath Lift


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An ultra-lightweight, budget friendly bath lift.

With all the basic elements needed to safely maintain personal hygiene, the Splash bath lift has been designed to offer good value for the budget conscious. Weighing an incredibly low 14.3 pounds, Splash is not only the lightest battery-powered bath lift available in the U.S., its robust design also comfortably lists users of up to 280 pounds. 

A simple, practical bathing solution

Fixed back design

  • Optimizes legroom by allowing Splash to fit close to the back of a tub.

Low seat travel

  • Maximizes water immersion for improved personal hygiene.

Smooth movement and solid, stable design

  • Offers a safe bathing experience.

Slim remote with large hand controls for easy operation

  • Can be easily operated by users with small hands and/or limited dexterity

Battery level indicator with Stop Descent feature

  • Monitors battery power, prevent descent when low

Simple to clean surfaces with limited crevices

Trim and lightweight for easy moving and handling

Total weight of only 14.3lbs. 

  • Offers quick and easy fitting and removal from the bath in one complete unit

Ultra-compact design

  • Provides ultimate ease of carrying
  • Can be stored in small spaces

Subtle, unimposing and unobtrusive design

  • Blends discreetly into any bathroom environment
  • Barely noticeable when stored in the lowest position in the bath

Slim and modern look

  • Provides a fresh, non-medical appearance in the home.


Seat width 13"

Flap Width 6.9"

Total Width 26.8"

Total Height 22.8"

Seat Depth 13.4"

Total Depth  20.1"

Net Weight (excluding battery) 14.3lbs.